Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Repeat Of The Carter Years Looks More and More Like Wishful Thinking

9/11/2012: American Killed, Consulate Burned, Embassy Overrun; U.S. Apologizes.

Hinderaker:  A low-water mark in the history of American diplomacy.

But the Obama administration is already starting to backpedal.

Byron York:  "Direct attack by mobs on an American embassy, involving death, the destruction of a U.S. flag and the invoking of al Qaeda -- on September 11, of all days -- will certainly stir outrage among many Americans. And the Obama administration's weak, apologizing response will likely prompt a strong Republican response in days to come."  As it should.

Related:  Obama declines request from Netanyahu for meeting in D.C., says too busy.

He does, however, have time for a Letterman appearance.

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