Monday, May 14, 2012

Friends of Obama: Jeremiah Wright Claims Close Obama Ally Offered $150,000 Bribe in 2008 to Shut Up

Ed Morrissey, at HotAir, has this report:
In his new book on Barack Obama titled The Amateur, Edward Klein caught up with Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s minister and friend for 20 years and pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. The Hillary Clinton campaign nearly derailed Obama’s nomination by digging up Wright’s incendiary and controversial sermons at TUCC, including exhortations like, “God damn America!” and saying that 9/11 was nothing more than America’s chickens coming home to roost — among many other statements. Obama later proclaimed ignorance of Wright’s rants despite his long association with TUCC, and eventually renounced Wright and TUCC entirely when Wright wouldn’t keep his mouth shut.
In his on-the-record interview with Klein, Wright claims that an Obama ally offered him $150,000 to keep his mouth shut and stop preaching until after the election, in excerpts published by the New York Post . . . .

According to Wright, Obama [also] met personally with his then-pastor to ask him to do the same, although Obama apparently didn’t offer money for his silence. 
Read the whole thing.  Plus, additional thoughts from Legal Insurrection.

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