Sunday, November 4, 2012

Good News - Dan Riehl Appears to Be On The Mend

As my progress, prospects and prognosis regarding both health and blogging can now be filed under long-term and positive, there’s no urgency, which would only distract from what we’ve all fought for these last 4 years – beating Obama and winning with Romney at the polls on November 6th.
I currently effort to help there as I can and ensure my own ability to fight even harder another day, as no matter the outcome this week, I trust we will all again share that priority as happy warriors in the very near future. As for certain support, I didn’t even sign in to PayPal to check until today. It was awe inspiring to see. The thoughtfulness and generosity of the people on the Right speaks volumes for us as a treasured movement in which I’ve been honored to participate these past many years. Continuing to do that in the future remains a key priority for me.

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