Monday, August 27, 2012

There Is No War on Women

But there is a War on Children.

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  1. 40th - Ronald W Reagan (1981-1989) R
    41st - George Bush (1989-1993) R
    42nd - William J Clinton (1993-2001)
    43th - George W Bush (2001-2009) R
    44th - Barack H Obama (2009-) D

    Over the past 31 years we had a republican as President for 20 of those years and you were then, and still are able to buy birth control, get a mammogram, get a pap smear, get an education, have abortions, vote, buy things, work, breath, drive a car, become an astronaut, have sex, drink wine, get larger breasts and a smaller nose, purchase buildings, travel the world and several thousands of other important womanly things.

    Exactly what is this attack on women that you are expecting from the Republicans?

    End funding for Planned Parenthood? It is a private entity and has a $1.1BILLION revenue and gets $360Million from the government – it doesn’t need it and can surely get it from mulitudes of supporters who are more than happy to donate.

    End abortions? Never would happen.
    End partial-birth abortions and the infanticide of babies who survived abortions? – let’s hope! Look into it – see what a partial-birth abortion really is and tell me that you think it’s at all moral or humanly acceptable. Think about an aborted baby still alive and tell me it’s okay to just let it die. You wouldn’t do that to a puppy would you?

    Prevent you from getting birth control? Exactly how? (Oh yes, they may not FORCE religious organizations to offer birth control in their health insurance if it goes against their beliefs but you have the CHOICE to work or go to school somewhere else!) And why is the government, aka our tax dollars, supposed to pay for your birth control? Why does this Miss Fluke need help to pay for $3,000 worth of birth control? You want it? Pay for it!

    ps: I am a woman incase that matters and I feel no restrictions on my life, my happiness and my power as a person - nor should any self-respecting woman!