Monday, April 16, 2012

Obama Goes to South America to Rip Romney/Republicans on Immigration

I always believed it was inappropriate for Americans to criticize America or their political opponents abroad.  We should keep our internal conflicts internal and leave them at the border, in order to advance America's best interests. 

Maybe I am just old-fashioned, however, because now we even have a president who shows no such restraint.  This weekend in Columbia, in an effort to bolster his support among Latino voters, Obama attacked Republicans and Mitt Romney in particular, saying, among other things, that "his support for Arizona’s tough immigration law is 'very troublesome.'"  I would be curious as to whether another sitting president has ever attacked his American political opponents so publicly while abroad.  I would also be curious as to what Obama might be promising the South American leaders he meets in exchange for their support of his reelection.   

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