Friday, July 6, 2012

June Jobs Report: Just 80,000 Jobs Created

Pethokoukis:  The unemployment rate stayed at a lofty 8.2%.
As a research note from RDQ economics put it: “The good news is that employment growth is not slowing further but there is no sign of it picking up either. At this pace, job creation is not fast enough to lower the unemployment rate with the labor force growing at close to 150,000 per month on average.” Shorter: Stagnation Nation
This continues to be the longest streak — 41 months — of unemployment of 8% or higher since the Great Depression. And recall that back in 2009, Team Obama predicted that if Congress passed its $800 billion stimulus plan, the unemployment rate would be around 5.6% today.


Plus, Romney's responds:  "This kick in  the gut has to end."

On the other hand:

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