Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Obamacare's Rough Day in Court

I would be very hesitant to read too much into it, but today was, by most all accounts, a very rough day for Obamacare's defenders and a heartening one for those who oppose it and support limited government.
John Hinderaker:  Obamacare has run into a buzz saw at the Supreme Court.
David Bernstein observed that "Unfortunately for the law’s defenders, the [Solicitor General] today lapsed into incoherence when Justices Alito, Kennedy, and Scalia asked him to identify a limiting principle (check out various liberal blogs for apoplectic reactions to SG Verrilli’s performance)." 
Those liberal reactions included describing it as a disaster and a train wreck
Althouse offers 10 highlights, including this key observation:  You can see whom the government has chosen to exploit. The young, the healthy must pay for far more than the costs they are accused of shifting to others.

And for those looking for still more, Instapundit has a thorough roundup.

To the extent the Justices are skeptical of the individual mandate, perhaps they were persuaded by candidate Obama?   

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