Tuesday, February 28, 2012

America is Becoming a Less Attractive Place to Do Business

So observes the Economist.  The principle problem?   “The US government is failing to tackle weaknesses in the business environment that are making the country a less attractive place to invest and [is] nullifying some of America’s most important competitive strengths.”  The article goes on to observe that "Without both parties’ fingerprints on a deal, no one can curb the huge entitlement programmes that grow automatically, such as Medicare and Social Security (health care and pensions for the elderly). So deficits yawn and the welfare state keeps growing, even as America’s roads crumble. That is not a recipe for dynamism."  What the Economist fails to mention, however, is that it is the Democrats, led by Barack Obama, that refuse to even entertain the idea of entitlement reform, instead preferring to demonize anyone that does.

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