Sunday, January 22, 2012

Democratic Operative Arrested for Identify Theft in Effort to Frame Republican Secretary of State

John Hinderaker has reported on the story of Zachary Edwards,  an Iowa Democrat, arrested for allegedly trying to steal Iowa Secretary of State (and Republican) Matt Schultz's identity "in order to frame Schultz for "'unethical behavior' . . . ."

As the article explains, the suspect has close ties to both the Iowa Democratic Party and Obama:
Edwards is a former Obama staffer who directed “new media operations” for Obama in five states during the 2008 primaries. Thereafter, he was Obama’s Director of New Media for the State of Iowa. In the Democratic Party’s lexicon, “new media” apparently includes identity theft.
Edwards now works for LINK Strategies, a Democratic consulting firm with extraordinarily close ties to Iowa Democrat Tom Harkin. Its principal, Jeff Link, has served as Harkin’s campaign manager and chief of staff. Link, too, is a former Obama staffer. The LINK Strategies web site says that Jeff Link “served as a media consultant to the Obama for President Campaign, coordinating branding, all paid media and polling in 25 states, including seven battleground states (VA, NC, FL, CO, NM, NV, MT)….”
 The crime also appears to have coincided (been coordinated?) with a campaign by Iowa Democrats to level false accusations against Schultz in an effort to bring him down.  Seems like a story that is worth keeping an eye on.

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